Margo Masri with host Ashley Owens, recorded live on RVN TV

Everyone has a story. Margo joined host Ashley Owens, live on RVN TV, to tell hers and speak on her expertise as the founder of MM Accounting and CFO Solutions. In this conversation, they cover:

  • The beginnings of Margo’s journey as an entrepreneur
  • What it means to be an entrepreneur
  • Facing finances: the mission of empowerment
  • Where passion turns into practice
  • Networking 101: compassion, authenticity, and listening

Let’s Talk About Fear and Money – Live Your SpaLife

As a coach and mentor, there’s one topic that comes up with my clients more than any other (by far!):


If we aren’t careful, money fears can come to completely dominate our lives, keeping us up late at night and clouding every single decision we make. If we let it, fear will undermine every dream you’ve ever had for your business and your life.

Margo appeared as a guest on Live Your SpaLife Now to talk about fear and money, and how to eliminate the former in order to make more of the latter.

The discussion covered:

  • How letting go of fear can stimulate growth both personally and in business
  • How to identify fear
  • The importance of having time for self-care
  • Working on your own terms
  • Practical steps towards dream fulfillment

Automating Your Numbers – Chamber of Commerce

As a business owner, it’s incredibly easy to try and do it all. To be the service provider, the bookkeeper and accountant, the HR director, the sales director, and much more.

In the early days, that can be a lot of fun. You get to know your business (and yourself!) better, and you have complete control over your emerging kingdom.

But as you start to grow, trying to wear all these different hats will start to become a problem, keeping you from focusing on the most important things. You are, after all, your business’ most important asset – use your own time wisely!

In this talk, given to the local Chamber of Commerce, Margo covered how to:

  • Take advantage of the best software and tools on the market
  • Identify low-value tasks that are ripe for outsourcing
  • Free up your time and reduce stress
  • Streamline your business
  • Understand your ‘genius zone’